Group Photos

I recently came upone some group photos we were in.
Here they are:

Here is a picture of us at the Embassy Open House at the Saudi Arabia Embassy after we got our henna tattoos. As you can see I'm the only one without a cool traditional tattoo.  I do have glitter though.

I love how the girl from Utah's leg is darker than any of our arms. 

We met up with Holly's friend Sergio at the Thai Embassy and he came with us to the Brazilian Embassy where we took this group pic:

My biological dad's family had a big family photo over the Christmas holidays, my grandma requested all the people who weren't there to send in pictures which my uncle photo shopped in. Some of my cousins I can only assume who they are, I haven't seen them in ages or in some cases, ever. Kind of fun to pick out the ones who have been added in later :)

Cianna and Jeff got their professional wedding pictures back and we found a few with us in them.

Albert looking pretty excited.
Okay here's a legitimate one.  There is one of  my arm, but I decided against posting that one.  These are the people who Cianna met in  DC. Some of them have since moved on, but we all shared the common bond of living in the DC area when Cianna lived here.

The Washington, DC Table


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