Versailles Restaurant

We couldn't exactly go to Miami and not eat Cuban food! So we went to Versailles before we hopped on the plane to go back to DC. I heard it was a pretty popular place to get Cuban food so I assumed there would be a lot of tourists there, but I saw maybe 3 other tables in their large restaurant that weren't speaking Spanish. Most of the customers were older and, I'm assuming, of Cuban descent.

Again our food was delicious.  The beans were even good, really soft just like I like them.  Albert commented that since he's been with me he's been coaxed into eating food he probably wouldn't have normally. I complained that people would actually go to Miami and eat at the chain restaurants and he admitted that if it weren't for me he would probably be one of them. We were both pleased with our experience there. I couldn't believe how packed the place was for a Monday.   If you do nothing else in Miami, like we did, be prepared to eat a lot of great food.  It reminds me of NYC with all the great local restaurants.

On our way back to turn in our rental car, which happened to be a Toyota, Yaris - the model we own - lame, we stopped by a vintage store I found on-line called Miami Twice.  They had a lot of great stuff there.  Unfortunately I'm super cheap so I didn't get much.  We did find a little necklace I liked and a small Jetsons poster.  The Jetsons was Albert's favorite cartoon and I liked that it was turquoise.  Just planning ahead for when we have two bedrooms and maybe another member of the family to sleep there :)  Albert wants to hang it up now though.


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