“Reasons To Be Pretty”

Albert got free tickets through the USO to another Studio Theatre play on Saturday, May 22.  This was our 4th play we saw there so we feel like we're regulars now.  They do a lot of contemporary plays and some most of them are pretty strange.  Reasons to be Pretty was good.  It had very harsh language especially in the beginning.  I heard the "f" word more than when I watched the unedited version of Good Will Hunting or while walking through the halls of my old middle/high school.  It was offensive.  I guess that was the point, to make you cringe and it did it's job.  There was a lot of crude language too, not just swear words.  So viewer beware.  Interestingly enough the play write did his undergrad at BYU where he joined the LDS church.  Unsurprisingly he has since left the church. 

The acting and the plot of the play were good and the ending was hopeful so overall I enjoyed it and felt like it was well written and discussed human nature in a different way. I am interested in seeing In the Company of Men, for which Neil LaBute received an award from the Association for Mormon Letters, but probably not much else from him as his stuff is intended to make people feel uncomfortable and I'm not really into being offended.


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