Stake Relief Society Conference

On Friday night I went to our Stake Relief Society Conference for the women in our church.  We had two talks about the atonement and applying the grace of Christ more fully in our lives. 

The wife who spoke mentioned that her mission president advised that she should pour her heart out more fully to our Heavenly Father each night, giving Him all of her worries at the end of each night and taking them again in the morning. 

It reminded me of when I was working at a motel in my home town as a housekeeper the summer before I started college.  I was worried about starting school, unsure of my ability to do well academically in this new environment.  I expressed my concerns to my co-worker who was an older woman who didn't seem particularly religious.  Her advice to me was to pray for help to get through the day each morning and thank God each night for the help he gave me throughout the day.

That council has given me much solace though any hardships I have had and has given me the courage to do hard things.  I have tried to ask for help in more of the things going on in my life and express thanks for the little things, not just family and friends, but specific things that happened that day.  I hope to better implement that advice.

The husband showed this video that I thought was really well done.  The song is called "Hold On," which pretty much sums up the message of the video.

After the talks we gathered around for dessert, which was a lemon flavored yellow cake with a whipped cream frosting and topped with strawberries.  It looked good and I was a little disappointed that I wouldn't be enjoying some myself.  As I was chatting with a friend I hadn't seen in awhile she kept encouraging me to taste some of the cake because it was so good.  I told her I couldn't since I have Celiac.  She then gave me the best news ever, there was some slices of gluten-free cake sitting on one of the back tables. 

I immediately ran over to the table (as fast as I could go in the very high heels I was wearing) and picked-up a slice of cake sitting by a gluten-free sign.  It was good.  Really moist and flavorful.  Yum!  The president of the Stake Relief Society also has Celiac and I was hoping she would come through for us and she did!  Yeah!  When it was obvious that no one else was going to have the last slice of gluten-free cake I decided to take it home with me in my cup and enjoyed it the next day.  It was still delicious :)


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