Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival

While Albert was at his Air Force Reserves on Saturday, I went to the Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival on Pennsylvania Avenue with my friend Morgan and a few of her friends. There were soo many people, much more than at the other Asian Festivals, so it was tough navigating through the crowds and trying to get a good look at anything.

We had a good time pointing out all the teenagers dressed in anime outfits and kimonos. There were a couple concerts that were pretty modern. One was a multi-racial group of teens beating drums to dance music in traditional Japanese outfits. It sounded cool, but all the songs were pretty much the same.

There were lots of cool things to buy too, most them pretty expensive. We were often heard to say, "if I had the money, I would buy this, and this..." I loved the dolls and bonsai trees. So cute!

I had a fun time playing photographer in Albert's place. Nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon while the husbands are busy.


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