The Light in the Piazza

On Friday, April 9 we went to the Arena Theatre to see The Light in the Piazza before it closed. It was a romantic love story based in my adopted country of Italy.

**notice in the picture of Albert and me it looks like the guy is caressing and smelling my hair, total accident :)

I automatically liked it because there was quite a bit of Italian in it. There were whole conversations and songs (yes, it was a musical) in Italian, which was really cool. I'm sure you could still understand what was going on since it wasn't super meaningful lyrics, but understanding brought a nice dimension.

I thought the actors did a pretty good job with the Italian. Their accents were good and I liked how they would throw in Italian expressions even when they were speaking English, like a real Italian might do. It wasn't perfect, but assuming that most likely they didn't all speak Italian before they got the part, it was quite good.

We also liked the songs and the different relationships. It made me think about how everyone deserves to love and to be loved.  Apparently it is based on a novella and there is also a movie that might be worth checking out.


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