Guapo's - Fine Mexican Cuisine

On Saturday we decided to take a stroll around Shirlington Village and ended up eating at one of our favorite joints, Guapo's - Fine Mexican Cuisine.  The food is good, but it's really the service that draws us to the place.  Our cup was re-filled right after we had a drink and they refilled the hot sauce without even asking. 

Albert decided to try something different, quail fajitas.  We only had the cameras on our phones so the quality is bad, but they gave him the quail still on the bone and shaped like little birds...luckily no heads :)  They also had a new really spicy hot sauce that Albert is obsessed with.  The quail was good.  The meat is dark and juicy, but not greasy.  There is actually quite a bit of meat on those little birds.  We definitely want to try it again.

I had beef tacos on corn tortillas which I was drawn to because they included pineapple and avocados.  I didn't really like the meat in them as it was pretty fatty.  Maybe next time I'll get the quail.


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