Contra Dancing at Glen Echo Park

On Friday we finally went contra dancing again with my old roommie, Kellee.   Contra dancing is so much fun and you get a great aerobic workout.  It's like a combination between square dancing and the dancing they do in Jane Austin movies.

I asked Kellee to take some pictures of us on our first dance.  Unfortunately we were a little rusty and some how lost each other right after the music began.  We ended up with different partners and went in opposite directions.

Interestingly enough the guy who ended up being my partner was there with Kellee and went on a long road trip with my cousin and uncle over Christmas. Random!

Since most people have never heard of contra dancing, Albert took some video of people who actually know what they're doing:


kimi + joe said…
I love contra dancing and am sorry we missed it - hopefully next time!

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