Hua Hin, Thailand

On Tuesday, February 2 we took a VIP bus from Bangkok to Hua Hin.  We stayed at a resort that was amazing.  My room had a personal entrance to the pool and the beach was nearby. 

The conference took up most of  my time, but I tried to get out at night with some people from the conference.  I made friends with one girl in particular named Candy and a few people had brought cars so I was invited to go into town a few times. I went to the night market a couple times and bought lots of stuff -- it really  helped having Thais around to bargain for me.  On February 3 we got out early so we went to the beach and PlearnWan.

The beach was nice.  Lots of shells and pretty rocks.  There were horses you could rent.  Afterwards Candy bought us all coconut ice cream, my favorite.  The woman added sweet and condensed milk and whole peanuts.

PlearnWan is a live museum that is set up like an old Thai village.  I don't know much about the history of Thailand, but I loved seeing the stores set up like the olden days. Very cool.  The picture in the middle have photos of the King of Thailand who is very respected.  There are pictures of him everywhere.  The concept of a benevolent monarchy is weird for an American like me, but to each his own I guess.

The conference was nice. Not so much the power point presentations all  day, but the times I was able to talk to the various participants who were from all over Asia.  There are so many interesting cultural differences.  I also hung out with the Filipinos who were there. They always seemed disappointed when I told them that Albert and I didn't have any children yet. 


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