Back from Asia

Yesterday morning at 10 AM I landed at Dulles International Airport after 34 hours of traveling from the hotel I was staying at in Kathmandu.  It was another three hours before we finally made it home because the traffic was so bad.  It's so good to be home.  Being away from Albert from two weeks was brutal and we spent many hours on Skype and Google Chat.  I missed the comforts of home.  I was talking to my mom  yesterday to tell her I made it back safely and she verbalized a thought I had on my trip. She said, "you love to travel, but you are not a good traveler."  So true.  I am a better traveler now, although I  have less desire to do so.  I still want and like to travel, but I appreciate home so much more.

A few things I learned in the last two weeks:
  • how difficult it is to adjust to a 12 hour time difference
  • traveling for work is not as fun as as vacationing
  • most Thai food is wonderfully gluten-free
  • more about the cultures of Asia
  • what it's  like to work in the "field"
  • to be more aware
  • how to bargain (it's always better to go with a native)
I am a little bummed that I missed the whole snow storm and the 4 1/2 snow days!  I still had to work last week while all my colleagues hung out at home.  I doubt I'll ever get that change again :(

Unfortunately I didn't get to do a lot of  touristy things on my trip, but I'll post the few pictures I did take in upcoming posts. 

Ok, back to bed...


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