Relationship Timeline

This time of year brings a lot of anniversary of milestones in our relationship.

January 8th was the 3 year anniversary of the first day we met. Albert's co-worker/my friend, Jeff, brought him to a single adult Family Home Evening activity where we were to watch some football game. The funny thing is that neither of us really like football.

This was Albert's first introduction to our church and I was anxious to tell him all about it as he seemed interested. He thought I was paying so much attention to him because I liked him. I had just gotten out of a lengthy, very long-distance relationship (the guy was in Brazil) and wasn't really interested in getting into another relationship so it didn't really cross my mind.

Here we are before we met each other. I had recently dyed my hair brown so Albert felt a little deceived when it washed out :D He always like brunettes.

{December 2006}

{September 2006}

I kept inviting him to every church activity and party we had so he could get to know other people from church, but I could tell he was only interested in me. This concerned me a lot since he was investigating the church and I was afraid he would lose interest in the church if we broke-up or he might get baptized to please me. Once I was assured from Jeff that Albert had the church and me separate I decided we could date. This was only after hanging out almost everyday for nearly a month and flirting incessantly.

He really won me over on February 1 when he offered to take me to class and pick me up at 10 PM so I wouldn't have to take public transportation. Not only that but he picked up some hamburgers for both of us before he dropped me off at school.

After class we sat in the mini van he was driving at the time in front of my old apartment building talking for hours. He became really interested in a ring I was wearing and soon enough we were sort of holding hands. He told me how his dryer was broken so I offered to let him borrow my drying rack. He came upstairs to get it and still had my scarf on from when we were in the van. Before he left I told him I needed to get my scarf back and I grabbed it. He pulled me in with the scarf and kissed me. So February 1 was the date of our first kiss and from that time on we've been an item.

{our first picture together at Kimi's b-day party -- 2/5/07}

We hung out all the time. He was really the 5th roommate in our apartment because he was there anytime he wasn't at work. He started taking the discussions with the missionaries and on May 6, 2007 he was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

{with the missionaries and my cousin Jake in front of the church}

We became more serious after his baptism and occasionally talked about getting married. We figured we would do it in December 2008, but later Albert decided we had no reason to wait and said we should get married in May 2008 (which is what I had wanted).

In December 2007 we went ring shopping non-stop. We visited every ring store in the DC area and Albert became an expert on diamonds. We finally picked out our rings and ordered them. That January and February we went to Florida and Wyoming to meet our respective families.

On January 19, 2008 Albert proposed on top of the Kennedy Center under the guise of wanting to use his new tripod. Immediately after it started snowing. It was lovely and we were very excited during our meal at Filomena Ristorante, where we had reservations for Restaurant Week.

On May 17, 2008 we were married in the Washington, DC LDS Temple which was amazing. We honeymooned in Vegas. Honeymoons are the best. So fun, exciting, and restful after all that stress.

{Grand Canyon Tour}
I am so thankful that I decided to give our relationship a shot. It's really worked out great :D I had no idea how wonderful marriage could be. I highly recommend it to anyone who may be considering it. It's way not as scary and difficult as they make it out to be...not so far anyway.

And they lived happily ever after...


Danielle said…
Awe, this is such a great story. Thanks for sharing.


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