New Year's Eve Bash

We threw a party for New Year's at our little apartment. It was fun going to the party store and picking out decorations and deciding what food we were going to serve. I made deviled eggs, mini fritters with ham & cheese, and put together the veggie plate. Albert made the fried rice and cocktail sausages. We used the same Wal-Mart lemonade we had at our wedding reception with lemon & lime slices. We also bought frozen cheese souffles and mini crab cakes and a Hickory Farms sausage with cheese.

I had a last minute idea of having a photobooth as we were decorating and so we went back to the party store to pick up some NYE hats/tiaras, etc to put on. I called my friend Holly and asked her to bring a wig or two and she kindly obliged.

We didn't know how many people were going to be in town so we weren't sure how many people would come. We had a pretty good turnout of 20 people. Some came early and left early and some came later so there was a nice amount of people. There was dancing, eating, and chatting as we worked our way to midnight.

We passed out noise makers, party poppers, and sparkling cider a little before midnight and everyone gathered around the TV as we watched the countdown and the ball drop. It was good fun :D

Before everyone left we took a group picture.

Albert set the camera to take a bunch of pictures so we had a few fun pictures. I have recently taken to making crazy faces and moving my arms for the fun pictures so there are some where I look like I have some severe problems :D I guess putting my arms up wasn't a great idea seeing as how Eric was right behind me.

Here are the photobooth pictures we took throughout the night. They turned out pretty awesome :D

After everyone left Albert and I decided to take a few photobooth pics ourselves. We had a lot of fun coming up with different poses and outfits. My favorite is the pic of Albert in the purple hat. I call it the 'big pimpin' pic.

Every seemed to have fun and the photobooth was a great addition. Now we have all these leftovers we need to throw another party :D


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