Work Holiday Party

My co-workers have been talking about our work holiday party for weeks. It's the event of the year as far as work goes. So it was with great anticipation that Albert and I went to my work holiday party at the fancy Mayflower Hotel on December 18.

Luckily the party lived up to expectation. We had a nice dinner after a cocktail reception. It was nice for me because it was a fancy buffet dinner so I could choose what I wanted. They had meat carvers, yummy mixed veggies, and mashed potatoes all of which I could eat without the gravy. The dessert bar had different chocolates, ice cream, chocolate covered strawberries, and hot chocolate.

After eating we hit the dance floor and had a great time. It was fun seeing the CEO and other bosses gettin' jiggy wit' it. They had a really good band too so that made it fun.

We took pictures at our apartment before we left for the party and then we took more in front of one of the many Christmas trees decorating the beautiful hall way after we finished dancing. My hair looks considerably better before I went to the party.


kimi + joe said…
Food looks tasty and you both look very dashing!

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