Laura's Bridal Shower

On December 5 Kimi and I threw our friend and old roommie, Laura, a bridal shower in celebration of her upcoming nuptials this Saturday!!

We began planning awhile back and the week of the shower was really busy for Albert. I got him to help me out by editing video footage we took in early November of her fiance, Blake, and he also put together a nice slide show with their engagement pics and music we picked out for the CD we gave as favors. The computer he was editing the video on didn't want to burn the completed video onto a DVD so he had to totally re-do the whole video on another computer last minute. I worked on picking out music for the CD and putting together the games and pictures for the slide show.

It was in the morning so we had breakfast food, I brought bacon and Kimi made cinnamon rolls, eggs, and orange juice. Others brought muffins, fruit, cookies, and mini quiches. While we ate and chatted we had the slide show and music on for people to enjoy.

We then passed out the game cards. On one side it had a list of all the questions we asked Blake and we told everyone to guess which questions Laura would answer correctly. As we watched the video that Albert so cleverly put together, Laura gave her answer and then we watched Blake's response. We had basic questions like "What is Blake's favorite comfort food?" and eventually we worked into the tough questions like "What is Blake most looking forward to about marriage?" Laura didn't do that well at all, which was pretty funny. At the end everyone tallied up their scores and the winner received a Ritter's chocolate bar.

We then moved on to the opening of the presents. First everyone had to fill out their bingo cards with gifts they thought Laura would receive. They marked off the ones she received as she opened them and the first to get BINGO won the game and a Ritter's chocolate bar. Unlike me at my shower, Laura received a lot of lingerie! I was the gift list maker, writing down all the gifts and who they were from on a paper I printed out ahead of time (I got a template from Micro Soft).

We then chatted for a bit and ate some more food. Melissa was our photographer for the event and did a good job. Kimi had asked her ahead of time which was nice since there wasn't any scrambling at the last minute.

As guests left they took their favor off of Kimi's Christmas tree. It was the CD "Songs for the Honeymoon in Vegas" Albert and I put together along with Lindt chocolate Kimi provided.

We received a lot of compliments on the video and the games. Some liked the option of not feeling obligated to play the games and others liked that they were more fun than other games they had played at bridal showers. I picked these particular games because they went with an activity we were already doing (watching the video and opening gifts). That way everyone was involved and not just the bride-to-be.

Laura received copies of the slide show, which she said she might use at one of her receptions, and the video of Blake's Q&A. She liked that everyone at the shower had the opportunity to get to know Blake better and said the extra clips Albert added in to match Blake's answer (Blake answered that his dream job is to be a fighter pilot and Albert added some scenes from "Top Gun") made the video more fun.

We put a lot of work into it, but it turned out really nice and I'm glad everyone liked it. It was my first bridal shower to help throw so I was nervous there might be problems :D I was super sick that day, but the medicine I took helped me through it and I had a good time.


kimi + joe said…
It really was a fun morning and all your (and Albert) hard work was greatly appreciated.

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