Christmas Day

Albert work me up early on Christmas morning so we could open presents. Besides the GPS that he bought himself earlier, Albert received an electric razor, a box of his favorite candy (gummie lifesavers), and a bag. Albert gave me a necklace, a bag, headphones w/ a microphone, an iPod Touch, and accessories for the iTouch. We had fun downloading apps and playing on the internet.

At 4 PM we went over to our friends' new place for Christmas dinner with other young marrieds away from family during the holidays. Eric made the best chicken stuffed with prosciutto & good! We brought flourless chocolate cake & peppermint ice cream for dessert :D

After dinner we had a white elephant gift exchange where we picked up some pretty fabulous gifts!

The Watsons were blessed with a sweet baby boy and we were able to meet little Harvey. We all took turns holding the little guy. Of course I took an extra long turn while Albert took pictures :D

While Harvey was resting we played Pictionary...boys vs. girls. The girls actually did better, but we were horrible at rolling and the guys ended up beating us despite our talent for drawing and guessing. We also played a round of charades, which was entertaining.

We remembered to take a group picture after some folks had already left. Albert set-up 2 cameras to go off on timers and they both went off at the same time. Albert's camera went off multiple times and it was like fireworks going off...thus the funny reactions in a couple of the pictures.


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