Washington Capitals vs. Philadelphia Flyers

Albert managed to get free tickets to the hockey game last night at the Verizon Center. It was my first professional hockey game (I had been to a few in college -- Weber vs. USU) and it was quite a cultural experience. I have been to a lot of different professional sporting events and I have never seen such dedicated fans in all my life. If hockey moms are anything like hockey fans then I can totally believe Sarah Palin's pitbull comment.

Since it was a Tuesday evening I didn't think that it would be so full, but there were tons of people there...it was almost full. Plus almost everyone was wearing jerseys...I would recommend if you are going to a hockey game that you at least wear the appropriate colors. Luckily I was wearing red already.

We were sitting in the nose bleed seats just up from a guy with a cow bell who yelled a lot. There were some Flyers fans there which lead to some bantering of "Let's go Flyers" followed by "Flyers suck". Everyone stood up as the home team hit the ice and during the "Star Spangled Banner" everyone yelled "red glare".

See all those red jerseys? They were everywhere!

The Caps

The Flyers

The players did not shrink, they had little hockey players play inbetween periods.

Slapshot the mascot

We left during the 3rd period when it was tied 1-1, but I read that the Caps pulled it out 2-1 in the shootout. Go Caps!


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