Puerto Rico -- Day One (hotel)

It's taking me a super long time to get all the pictures ready for posting because we only got back on Tuesday evening and that night we went to the Red, White, and Blue Ball for the Inauguration (Albert got free tickets through the military). So we've only had two nights to get ready to head out to Wyoming.

We're flying to Salt Lake this afternoon and will stay at my good friend Jackie's and get up early and drive to Green River for my brother's wedding. Albert was asked to be the official photographer so I'm excited to see how it all turns out, I'm the helper :D I put together the music for the reception, I used a lot of the music we used for our reception, but also included some newer songs. I tried out the playlist and it's very danceable. I'm picky about my dance music so this was a great opportunity to plan the perfect dance.

We got to San Juan Friday evening. We just relaxed, walked around the area and went out to eat. It was so beautiful, in the 80's and very humid. We stayed at La Concha which was pretty nice. Ever since we got married I've been much more concerned with creature comforts while on vacation. I love staying at nice hotels. When I was single and traveled I could stay in whatever crappy hostel that was the cheapest since I spent all day being a tourist. Now I like having a nice bed and bathroom. Clean and comfortable.

Here are the fountains in front of the hotel. Albert is convinced he wants this for our future home.

This is out the window of our hotel room. It looks like there's a hurricane, but it's just because the window was so dirty from the outside because of the humidity.

We had a little photo shoot. Albert had to practice taking pics for the upcoming wedding.

Our cool bathroom :)


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