Puerto Rico -- Day 2 (San Juan)

We made it back from Wyoming and now we have almost 500 pics from my brother's wedding to edit. Plus we saw Secretary Clinton; went to the Red, White, and Blue Ball; and we're going to the Killers' Concert tonight. Thus our Puerto Rico pics are taking a long time.

Our first full day in PR was the most fun (I think). We went into San Juan during some sort of festival. It was described to us as being similar to Marti Gras without the nudity. The Puerto Ricans were so fun and friendly and I loved the warm weather (despite the rain).

First we went to Fort San Cristobal. It was pretty cool and reminded me a lot of the fort we went to in St. Augustine...I guess since they were both built by the Spanish.

The festival was the coolest. There was live music and dancing and singing everywhere. They also had an Advil parade where people held signs and handed out samples. They also had groups of teenagers handing out samples of Cheerios and Yoplait yogurt. I guess it was some sort of advertising they do there, which I wish they would do here :D

We found a group of young people dancing and singing for Christ. It was a lot of fun.

In between dances one of the guys asked me if I wanted to take a picture with them.

We stumbled on some sort of event, they were all speaking Spanish so I still don't know what they were talking about. They also had drums and dancers there during this woman's speach, which I thought was really smart. Regardless of your message, music and dancing always brings people in. As we were watching the woman started to give a dancing lesson and invited me to help demonstrate. I thought, what the heck! Good times!

Here's the Cristo Vive people marching down the street past the church.

The best part of their cathedral was the Madonna with the PR flag behind her.

We ate a late lunch at a Mexican restaurant. There was a guy singing and playing the guitar that was pretty funny.

After lunch we headed up to Fort San Felipe del Morro, which was like the other fort, but with a nice view of the ocean. Going up to the fort there was a huge lawn with cute families flying kites.

We watched the sunset from the fort, which was really beautiful. We then rode the bus back to our hotel, which was crazy. It is supposed to be a 5 min drive, but ended up taking about a half hour because of the festival traffic.


Em and Laz said…
Ols San Juan is one of my favorite places... Your pics make me really miss it. Did you get to go to El Yunque? I love it there.

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