Out with the old

2008 was a very busy year for us and it seems that it isn’t going to let up for awhile. Trying to think about New Year resolutions seems too overwhelming as I feel like I’m doing good just keeping my head above water, but maybe I’ll give self-improvement a serious look.

We’re looking to move sometime within the next few months since Albert is done with his mission in DC and needs to find new employment, we’re thinking Florida. It’s exciting to think about moving to a new unfamiliar place, I’ve been wanting to for awhile. Find a place where we can afford a bigger apartment and one day a house and start acting like real grown-ups. We’ve been watching a lot of HGTV and getting some great decorating ideas.

Here’s a recap from 2008:
  • January – went to Florida to meet Albert’s family, got engaged
  • February – celebrated our one year dating anniversary, went to WY to meet my family
  • March – wedding planning, grad school mid terms, Easter, engagement pics
  • April – wedding planning, General Conference, Bachelorette Party, move into new apt, Bridal shower
  • May – grad school finals, wedding planning, Albert got endowments, graduated, got married, honeymoon, changed name, changed wards
  • June – NYC trip, 10 yr class reunion in WY, bought a car
  • July – Folklife Festival, Independence Day, Amish Country visit
  • August – Eastern Market, my birthday, N. Carolina visit
  • September – Labor Day, Jax & Ed come to visit, Colonial Williamsburg trip
  • October – General Conference, Celiac diagnosis, Mt. Vernon, Albert’s wisdom teeth removed, Shenandoah Natl Park, Albert’s Birthday, Horse Show, Coldplay Concert
  • November – Roosevelt Island, Albert in TX & FL, NYC visit, 2 trips to N. Carolina, Thanksgiving, Saylers visit
  • December – trip to N. Carolina, Colbie Caillat Concert, trip to FL, Christmas, New Year’s Eve at the Granadas


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