Sushi balls, onion rings, and Filipino soup

After watching a show on the Food Channel all about fried foods, Albert was inspired to put our left over sushi to good use. Normally if you put your leftover sushi in the fridge it gets hard and nasty so Albert decided to batter and fry it in order to salvage it. He found a gluten-free tempura batter recipe that turned out really well. The first batch, while moist, were a little bland so we added on the wasabi, gf soysauce, and ginger which was really good. Since they are pretty greasy you can't eat too many.

I got kinda excited about having battered food since I normally don't get to have that sort of thing so I insisted that we make onion rings. They are my favorite and I haven't had them in ages. They were sooo good! Albert's so nice to make them for me :D

On Saturday night we tried out a recipe we found in our Filipino cookbook. It's called Picadillo...a tasty soup made of ground beef, potatoes, carrots, peas, onions, beef broth, and fish sauce. We put it over rice. We're definitely making this one again.


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