Colbie Caillet & Jon Mclaughlin Concert

We went to the Colbie Caillet concert on Tuesday right after work. We got there really early so we could get a good spot in the front. Unfortunately it started raining at 6:30 so we had to stand in the rain for a 1/2 hr before the doors opened. Luckily we had an umbrella in the car :)

After waiting outside for an hour we waited for the opening act to start at 8:15. We were happy to be waiting in the FRONT row though.

Jon Mclaughlin was the opening act. We had actually seen him once before when he opened for Paolo Nutini. We liked him so much we bought his cd. He was at least equally as good this time. I highly recommend catching one of his shows if possible.

Here's Jon. We realized that we did not get one picture of him with his eyes open. He really gets into his music :D We couldn't bring in the new professional cameras aloud, but Albert got some good shots anyway.

Here are Jon's guitarists.

Here are the guitarists again cleaning up. They were really nice and gave me this...

They also gave us the playlist and an unopened bottle of water.

Here's the crowd behind us during the long wait for Colbie to come out. She didn't start until almost 10! I love the looks on everyone's faces :D

Here's Colbie's playlist...she made it all pretty. We got one ofthese playlists too, but not this particular one. Albert's really good about asking for stuff while they're cleaning up :D

Here she is!

The entire concert there was a little girl standing by me trying to get Colbie to touch her hand and FINALLY at the end she did...everyone was relieved.

It was so much fun standing in the front. Totally worth all that waiting :D At the end she went down the row slapping all of our was enough to bring out the 13-yr-old girl in all of us.


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