The Transportation Museum

On Saturday morning Ed made us a very filling brunch of omlets, potatoes, bacon, and salad, which surprisingly lasted us all day, we ate dinner kinda late and only had a little snack in between museums.

We went to the transportation museum in Brooklyn, which was super cool. They had a bunch of old subway cars starting from the early 1900's.

Building the subway

Waiting at the subway stop

Old turnstiles

Old token vending machines

Subway cars

really confusing old subway map

Riding the train with our hosts Jax and Ed

The money train -- cha ching

Inside a train from the early 1900's

My love.

My favorite advertisements from the old trains

Uneeda biscuit. Why yes I do!

I have come to expect runs to matter what I do.

Nice thing about this museum is that there are plenty of places to sit

I like this map the best. It's pretty.

Yikes! Jax is driving the bus!


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