Teddy Roosevelt Island

On Saturday we met our friends Erin and Gio at Teddy Roosevelt Island to see what we could see. Since last weekend was so cold and rainy I wasn't sure how the weather was going to hold up for our outdoor adventure, but was pleased to find that it was an absolutely gorgeous day and made for a great day to be outside.

Albert brought his camera and snapped a few pictures.

Here is the TR Memorial

We thought it was funny that they had a quote by TR on manhood. You don't hear about that much anymore, maybe we should talk about it more.

On our little stroll around the island we saw a few creatures. Gio was really excited. He loves bugs and had been wanting to see a snake. Erin and I watched as Albert and Gio took a bunch of pictures of the wildlife. I think they should go on an expedition together so they don't feel pressure to move on while taking pictures.

Here's some graffiti. There wasn't enough room to write our names.

Urban jungle.

Here's a snake we saw.

Here's Gio trying to pick it up with a stick. He was unsuccessful.

A good time had by all.


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