The Odyssey

On Tuesday Albert and I were able to go on a cruise on the Potomac through the military. We had lunch and I watched everyone getting down on the dance floor while Albert took a ton of pictures. Here are some of my favorites:

They gave us a free picture of us before we got on the boat. We were trying to avoid them until we found out it was gratis.

While we were waiting to eat our turkey dinner -- they were nice enough to give me mine without gravy or stuffing :D

The fire boat sprayed water for us, in honor of the military peeps on board. We also had a police boat following us the entire time.

Memorial Bridge from a distance

Memorial Bridge upclose


The Kennedy Center (Albert propsed on top looking out towards DC)

Lincoln Memorial & Washington Monument

Washington Monument & Jefferson Memorial

A nice picture of Rosslyn

The train bridge

Under the train bridge

On deck

Ronald Reagan National Airport

Squinting from the sun while waiting inside for Albert


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