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I picked Albert up from the airport yesterday. I'm so happy that he was able to come home a few days early and I could finally show him what I was up to during the week he was gone. When we moved in we didn't do a lot of decorating because we didn't know how long we'd be living there, but the bare walls were so uninviting and our bedroom in particular seemed very unwelcoming. I wanted to make it cozier so I bought some frames and pictures from IKEA on Saturday. I was dismayed to find one of the frames had broken on the voyage home so I had to go back on Tuesday to returned it. IKEA is kind of far so I wasn't looking forward to it. On Tuesday afternoon while I was putting all my pictures in their respective frames I bumped one of the 3 pictures that were to hang above our bed and the glass shattered and scratched the picture that was in it. It was very upsetting.

Here's a frame with pictures that Albert took:

Here's my jewelery frame with my jewelery on it:

I hung up our pictures and put out the candlesticks we got for our wedding:

I love these pictures I hung in the dinning room area:

Here's a closer picture. The left one is in French, the middle one in Italian, and the right one is in English.

Here's our bed. There was supposed to be three pictures but since the one broke I just put up two. I love our new duvet cover though.

Albert also brought back our wedding video that his dad took. It was fun looking at it. There were a lot of things that I didn't remember and I was impressed on how it all turned out. I think the ring ceremony and reception were even better than I remembered. I'd love to have the video edited with some music in the back. We'd keep the original of course, but we could have a 10-15 min video to show people who aren't particularly interested in re-living the entire thing.


H.Peter said…
I like those food prints.
Very colorful.

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