Coldplay Halloween

On Friday night we went to the Coldplay concert we've been waiting for since we bought the tickets in August. It was really cool and here are the pics to prove it.

First up was Duffy. She was pretty good.

Here we are waiting for the show to start. Albert borrowed my lipgloss so his lips look even better than they usually do. Hopefully our kids will get his lucious lips.

The cheering right before the lights came on as the music started was intense.

Towards the end the band ran up into the crowd across from us and played some songs for us. We were hoping they would make their way through the stadium and run out by us, but alas they did not. How cool would it have been to be sitting there?

Here's a picture of the screen. No we didn't get THAT close.

They dropped bat confetti from the ceiling. None of it managed to hit over us, but Albert snagged a couple laying on the ground afterwards.

They had festive images on the monitor balls hanging from the ceiling. I particularly liked this one with the fire in it's mouth.

They came back for the encore and played "Yellow"

The end.


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