Shopping in NYC

It's sort of given that any good NYC trip includes lots of shopping and eating and this trip was definitely no exception.

After our museum visits we went to CB2, which is super cool and has all sorts of stuff for the home. We picked-up two elf candle holders. We don't have a lot of Christmas decorations (only a really little tree we haven't put up yet) so it's fun to have something else to put out. Here's a pic from their website:

Jax read that there was a sale on Heat Tech shirts at Uniqlo. Since it was about 20 degrees out and we were doing a lot of walking outside, additional clothing was welcome and I bought a couple shirts that are supposed to keep the heat in on those cold days for only $7.50 a piece. I'm convinced that they really do work and I love the store. I really wish they had one here. Cute clothes, reasonable for me! Even Albert found a scarf and gloves he likes.

Since it was freezing out (I may have mentioned that before) and everyone I saw was wearing cute boots with leg warmers peaking out the top I decided that I wanted a pair of brown boots. I had actually wanted to buy a pair since '04 when I passed up a cute pair in Strawberry (another NYC store I like). I went into one store that Jax said was good and bought a pair that was on sale. There were two pairs that I liked and it was hard to choose, but I'm happy with the ones I got. They are Merrell boots and are waterproof, comfortable, and they have really cute buttons running up the back. Here's a picture I got off their website.

After visiting at least one other store we made our way to S'mac where they make gluten-free mac and cheese (as well as the stuff with gluten). We had to jocky for seats and eat with plastic forks, but the food was tasty, even the gluten-free stuff. I had Napoletana (mozzerella, basil, and tomatoes) and on their website they have step-by-step instructions on how to make it just in case you can't get up to NYC. We're definitely going to try to make it at home. Yummy! It makes me want some right now :D

Here's a pic from their website (it looks way tastier in real life):


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