Top 5 killers

I enjoy watching Discovery Health and in particular "Dr. G. Medical Examiner." Most of the people that she examines died from things that could have been prevented. It definitely makes you more aware of how important it is to take care of yourself and how easy it is to die. I watched an episode today that was particularly interesting, it was the top five killers of Americans and it was different than what I thought. I was waiting for heart disease or cancer, but that's not what they said. Those were just results of the actual cause of death, which are:

5. Carbon monoxide poisoning -- be careful!

4. Micro agents, bacteria -- can reduce with good hygien

3. Alcohol -- includes alcohol related accidents and with drawl

2. Obesity -- reduces life expectancy by 20 yrs, even 35 lbs of extra weight is harmful

1. Smoking -- even just 24 hrs of not having a cigarette will have positive effects

It makes me even more thankful for the Word of Wisdom or the health code given by our Heavenly Father, which points out the evils of alcohol and smoking and encourages eating vegetables, fruits, and grains.

I suppose my new health code imposed on me by my intolerance to gluten is helping me stay away from excessive calories since most of the food I have to eat is either light in calories (e.g. rice cakes) or full of protein and therefore very filling. I eat a lot less anyway and I'm hoping that will be reflected on the scale one day :)


Anonymous said…
Thank you for posting the top 5 killers from the show last night. I saw the first four but fell asleep and did not know what the number 1 killer was. Thanks again and keep being happy together.
shawn said…
How funny. I also fell asleep and missed the last one and its been buggin me ever since!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for listing these top 5! I caught the show halfway through and was dissapointed when they didn't provide a summary the top 5 at the end of the show. It was a really good show and very surprising and enlightening. Thanks again!

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