Super Saturday

On Saturday morning I went to a church activity for the ladies where we made various crafts. I was a little too enthusiastic when signing up for things I wanted to do and ended up rushing in the end. I also learned that I am not as crafty as I thought I might be. I had a hard time with the simplest of tasks like cutting a straight line and using a glue gun. If you don't look too closely they don't look too bad.

I was also able to drop-off a bag of old clothes for the clothing swap. I didn't really look for anything for me as I need to get rid of stuff not get more.

My favorite craft was the soap making. I love hand made soap and have been known to lay down significant change for the sweet smelling stuff. I like to use it as face soap. I think it's more of a psychological thing, thinking that the organic material will be better for my delicate skin.

The great thing about learning to make soap is that it is so easy and not very expensive. I just melted down glycerin soap and added my favorite ingredients that you can find around the house, or at the local grocery store. I loved the shea butter and the coconut milk so I used that in almost all of them. I have pretty dry skin so I like to have all the moisturizing agents available. I added vanilla extract to one and honey to another. The odd ball one has ginger and green tea with a little coconut milk. I just poured the mixture into yogurt cups and paper cups for the molds so I could take them home without worrying if they were set-up yet.

While the soap was setting I made a recipe book for all my new gluten-free recipes.

While I was doing that I ran over to paint my jewelery thing. I had to actually spray paint. I was wishing my dad were there to do it for me, but it was good for me to try something new, even if I wasn't very good at it. I didn't do that great of job cutting the metal to fit inside the frame, but the sanding was fun. Now I know how easy it is to paint and rough up a frame I might do it more often. The hooks aren't attached yet. I didn't have time for the glue to dry so the lady helping out said that she'd bring in the screws for me and another gal which will be more sturdy anyway. Right now I'm just using my bulletin board with thumb tacks so it'll be fun to have something designed specifically for the purpose of hanging necklaces and earrings.


You are so talented!! I LOVE your recipe books!! I need to do something like that for the stacks of random gluten free recipes I am hoping to try :) I think cute recipe books would motivate me to cook more often - ha ha.

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