Sara's Birthday Party

Wednesday night I went to my friend Sara's birthday party at Murali's in Pentagon City. After checking out the menu on-line I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find anything I could eat since most of the options are pizza or pasta and meat with unknown sauces. I wanted to get risotto, but they only had one option of just risotto and that was with seafood and was kinda pricey. I was pleased to find that they were willing to make me a bowl of risotto with whatever I wanted and I didn't even have to explain the whole celiac thing. I had saffron and mushroom risotto (a combination I hadn't had before) and it was really tasty. I also ordered mozzarella and tomatoes for an appetizer, which was pretty good. Unfortunately I didn't get to eat the yummy cake she had, but by then I was so full it didn't bother me.

Here's Sara and I looking fabulous...Happy Birthday Sara! You're such a diva!


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