22 October 2008

Fall in Shenandoah

Last Saturday Albert and I went to Shenandoah National Park to admire the beautiful fall leaves. Albert was really excited to try out his new camera and he took some great pics of the scenery. I narrowed it down to just over a 100 pics you can check out here.

We went on a little hike to a waterfall, which was a nice downhill walk all the way down to the foot of the waterfall and then a genuine hike back up to the car. It was in the high 40s so I was a bit caught off guard with the low temperatures.

Since I'm not the one taking the pictures I get to be the model.

My favorite picture of the day

We finally made it to the falls.

Look Ma! No hands! I had to stand really still so he could get the flowy effect of the waterfall.

I love how the light hits the water in this one.

The following pics were taken post-hike so I opted to admire the scenery of the backs of my eye lids from the warmth of the passenger seat...I had enough nature for the day.

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Lincs and Ali said...

wow. that is beautiful


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