Fun at M.A.C.

On Saturday night Albert went to the Priesthood General Conference session (for our semi-annual church conference) and I went and hung out with some of my girl friends, as is customary. We went to the mall and spent an excessive amount of time and money at M.A.C. We all got make overs and mine turned out well enough to merit me actually purchasing all the eyeshadow and new eyeliner...which is sooo much nicer than the Bonnie Bell stuff I have. I've become more interested in make-up since my sis-in-law gave me some bright blue M.A.C. eyeshadow for my b-day. Albert liked the make-up before I told him how much I spent on it :D I justified it by saying that I was using my b-day money from my grandmas. I figure if I don't designate it to something fun like make-up I'll be using it for groceries which isn't cool. Albert took some pictures of my cool make-up upon my request.

Since all 3 of my brushes are pretty cheap and 2 of them are only kept together by a great deal of tape, I figured I'd better purchase some new brushes. My new friend who does Mary Kay and knows about such things, told me about Eyes, Lips, and Face which sells really cheap make-up on-line. I bought a set of 12 brushes for $12, 5 different nail polish colors for $5, and 2 different eyeshadows for $6. Plus I got $7.50 off from a coupon I found on-line which took care of the $7 shipping fee. I'll let you know the quality of the goods when I get them. I figured it was so cheap that it didn't matter if it wasn't the best. If they are good or at least decent, they would make for good gifts... $12 eyeshadow set includes 2 brushes, eyeliner, and 3 eyeshadows.


Anonymous said…
You should wear makeup all the time you look like a movie star of one of the reporters on The "FOX" network!

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