Eyes, Lips, & Eyes

My e.l.f. make-up came in last week without the brushes so I gave them a call and they sent them with no problems. I'm pretty happy with my loot. The nail polish (only $1) comes in nice colors and it chips a lot less then my other nail polish. I was actually kind of annoyed how long it lasted because after 3 days I wanted to change the color, but it still looked good. I finally just took it off. Usually with dark colors I have to change it after a couple days because it looks so bad.

The mineral eyeshadow is nice and stays on pretty well. The containers aren't that great of quality, but for only $3 you can't really get picky about such things.

I like the brushes. They were only $1 each so I bought a whole set. Some reviews have complained that the brushes were a little stiff, but I haven't had a problem with them...maybe I have tough eyelids. Everyone clamors about the eye shadow brush and the smudger and I agree they are both great for the price. I've never had any nice brushes so that might be why I like 'em...I'm having a great time experimenting with them and am very pleased with the results :D

I've made another order, much to Albert's dismay -- he puts up with it because he sees how excited I get about it :D I'm getting 4 more eye shadows, a couple more nail polishes, shimmering facial whip, and some other stuff.


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