Emotional Readiness for the Holidays

I'm signed-up for a newsletter from the Jove Institute that gives advice on emotional health that is sometimes helpful. This month's message is on getting ready for the holidays, which can be a stressful time of year and I liked the advice so I thought I'd share.
  1. Make a list of pleasures. Include things that brought you pleasures in the past, things you currently do that are pleasurable, and things you've never done, but think they would be pleasurable. Then, force yourself to incorporate 1 thing per week from your list into your daily life. Respect the importance of this exercise and don't let anything get in the way of you taking that salsa class, skiing, or massage.

  2. Identify one day per week as a care day. Whether you work, take care of the children, have class, or have another responsibility, make it your day. Do the things that you want to do that day, not what you think would be better for others. Be selfish and take an hour bath, get your hair done, or go out for a drink with your friends.

  3. Get into a light, exercise routine. Beat the New Years rush at the gym, by starting up your own exercise routine. Try to make it as lite and pleasureable as possible, whether you do 10 situps/10 pushups per day, or walk for 30 minutes, or run for 10. A lite, sustainable, pleasurable exercise routine works better than most remedies for depression.

  4. Re-invent the spiritual you. Whether you praise God, Jesus, Buddha, or You, allow yourself to meditate on your particular spiritual belief during this time. It's a time when many formal religions celebrate special events, and you may feel left out if you are not nourishing your soul. It's also a good way to control stress, and feelings of overwhelmed by keeping the important things in perspective.

    The Jove Institute


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