A couple of thoughts

Thought #1: There's a woman on my floor at work who is way past retirement age and is bent over with a case of osteoporosis. Every time I run into her I automatically straighten-up as the image of my future self comes to mind knowing that if I continue to stare at a computer 8 1/2 hours a day I'll end up the same way. It makes me wonder if upon seeing this woman my fellow colleagues also go into mountain pose and if so, does she ever notice and does it make her feel more self-conscious than I'm sure she already does.

Thought #2: Two good things about having celiac. 1- I no longer feel guilty about ordering dessert. In fact, I feel it is my right to order flourless chocolate cake at every opportunity. 2- I have to get the tasty frozen meals cuz all the other are full of gluten.


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