50th Annual Washington Horse Show

Last night we went to the 50th Annual Washington Horse Show in DC. Albert scored some free tickets through the military so we thought 'what the hey, we'll check it out.' Neither of us had been to a horse show before and considering the turn-out, we figured that we weren't alone. It seemed like there were more people working at the Verizon Center than were actually there to see the show. Given it was Wednesday night and most people save such ventures to the District during non-work hours for the weekend so I'm sure attendance will be higher on other nights.

We did get box seats which was pretty cool. We shared it with five other military related people, but we didn't talk to any of them as we were concentrating on testing Albert's photographic capabilities. He shot about 100 pics, but I selected a few of my favorites (how many pictures of horse jumping can you really look at?). As I mentioned we were in the box seats so we were really far away and it was tough getting a clear picture while the horses were in motion.

four faults for knocking down a pole


Em and Laz said…
The pics turned out great... I like the first one the best. Looks like a good time!

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