Yorktown Victory Center

After Albert and I went to church on 9.21 we headed over to the Yorktown Victory Center. Albert was able to score discounted tickets so that made it even sweeter. The museum part was not as cool as Colonial Williamsburg or Jamestown Settlement, but the stuff set up outside was pretty neat. They had a Revolutionary War camp and a post-Revolutionary War farm...which didn't seem so different than the pre-war farm seen at Colonial Williamsburg.

Here are my favorite pics from Yorktown, to see more click here.

- Revolutionary War Camp -

This tent held 6-8 enlisted men...little too cozy for me!

Nothing new....still getting in trouble for talking back

Albert's pretty proud of his gambler status

The Revolutionary War laundry mat

A surgeon explains blood letting and how they removed teeth

Surgeon's tools for dental problems. Left to right: remove back teeth, remove front teeth, remove roots of teeth, and cauterize after removal

A guy giving a very informative explanation on why Revolutionary War armies used linear tactics and the particulars of flintlock muskets

Rifeling -- apparently these engravings inside the barrel makes the bullet travel further and more accurately, something missing in the muskets they used

Showing us the pan where the gun powder goes

Too bad they don't have these uniforms for the military anymore...he looks good in that jacket!

- Post-Revolutionary War farm -

The kids' beds upstairs

Tiffany through the floor boards

Fruits, vegetables, meats, and herbs hanging to dry in the kitchen

Learning about tabacco


Lincs and Ali said…
your pics are awesome---your camera is incredible! and you skills are amazing... I love that you guys got to see all of that. Lincoln and I just watched the movie Glory and it really hit home. We totally want to go to yorktown and williamsburg and all of that one of these days.

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