Madame Tussaud's

Albert scored some tickets through the USO for us and 9 of our closest friends to go to Madame Tussaud's wax museum for FREE. So we decided to go on Saturday with our new married friends the Cranes and the Watsons; our single friends Laura, Kellee, and Danielle; and my cousin Jake and his friend from Florida Brock. For the rest of photos (they're kinda entertaining) click here.

Here we are waiting with Abe in the foyer for the married peeps to arrive

Jake, G.W., James, Rachel, Albert, Tiffany, T.J., Danielle, and Brock trying to steal Tom's book

-- Civil Rights Leaders --

Riding the bus with Rosa Parks

Giving a speech with MLK Jr.

-- J. Edgar Hoover --

The interrogation room

Danielle and Tiffany with the Kennedys

-- The Oval Office --

Madame President and the 1st husband

Making tough decisions

-- Partying with Celebrities --

Johnny Depp and Madonna with yours truly

-- Dancing with Beyonce --

Danielle, Tiffany Beyonce, Kellee, and Laura then Jake takes his turn

Laura flirting with Will Smith and Albert golfing with Tiger Woods

-- Politicians --

Albert posing with Pres. Bush and Jake, Obama, and Brock


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