Jax and Ed go to Washington

My friend Jax from NYC and her boyfriend Ed came for a visit last weekend. Unfortunately a tropical storm decided to come into town and ruined our plans to go to Eastern Market and Mt. Vernon. We decided to take our dear friends to Madame Tussaud's since we still have free tickets. It was a lot of fun and we got some cool pics. We can't wait to go back up to NYC to visit them :D To see all of them click here.

Jax and Ed walking in the rain to the museum

Jax and Tiff getting Robert E. Lee to sign

Ed, Bob Dylan, and Jax


Hoover and Ed grilling Jax

Albert and Jax playing golf with Tiger

Ed and Jax waiting outside of Pasta Mia

Ed and Jax eating at Pasta Mia

Albert and Tiff at Pasta Mia


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