Jamestown Settlement

After we went to Yorktown we ate at a Filipino restaurant for lunch. We ate pancit, which I was pleased to discover tasted very similar to my own recipe that I sort of made-up. We also had some great egg rolls. I was expecting greatness with the egg rolls since the restaurants name is Lumpia King. For dessert we had fried plantains and halo-halo. I ended up spilling a lot of the ice on the top, but there was a lot so it just helped get us to the good stuff further down in the glass.

We wobbled onto Jamestown after our big meal and checked out the pre-colonization Powhatan village and the replica of the fort they built in Jamestown. They also have a pretty nice museum which talks about how the whole Jamestown colony came about.

Here are my favorie pics from Jamestown...

-- powhatan village --

grinding corn

inside of a spacious Powhatan hut

making arrowheads

-- replica of the ships that brought the first colonists to va --

-- the jamestown fort --

the church: everyone was required to check-in twice a day to get their rations and prove they were still alive

explaining that if you didn't do your chore for that day the best punishment you could get was lashings


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