Saturday morning Albert came home from work, slept for an hour, and then we got up and went to Tyson's Corner Mall where Bill O'Reilly was signing books. Friday Albert drove out to Tyson's to pick-up the wrist band we needed to get in and we even bought a book for him to sign. The line was incredibly long, but we were assured that if we had a wrist band O'Reilly would sign our book. We waited and waited...3 hrs we waited...and when were about to the front, we were told that he left at noon. Poor Albert only got 4.5 hrs sleep that day because he had to go work another 12 hr shift that night. I was really irritated and decided to take the book back since we couldn't get it signed.

We did get to meet the Republican candidate for our Congressional district. It's doubtful he'll win since the guy who's in has been in for along time and most of the people in the district are Democrats. At least we got our picture with someone :D


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