The mold is killing me!

Yesterday evening when I got home I noticed a large wet spot by our air conditioner as I was talking to Albert on the phone. He told them about it when he was on his way in and they said that we should have told them sooner or we could be held liable for any damages. We assured them that we were gone all weekend and just barely discovered it.

The guy came down immediately to look at it and checked it out while we went to work out. By the time we came back he said that he needed to tear up the floor all around the air conditioners in the living room and the bed room and maybe even some of the wall between the two. YIKES! He put in a fan to dry it off under the carpet as you can see here.

Now our whole house reeks of mold except for our bed room because we have a sweet new air purifier Albert bought a few weeks ago running on high. They are supposed to come this morning and work on it while we're gone today. We had to move our tv and everything away from the air conditioner so hopefully they have it done today. Bleh.


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