The mold continues...

Yesterday when I got home the mold problem was still there. I was really hoping they would have it all cleaned up, but they didn't even come by yesterday and they were only there for an hour or two on Wednesday and they just did stuff in the bedroom which wasn't nearly as bad as the living room. The smell is over powering when they have the fan on so we turned the fan off and opened the sliding glass door so we could make dinner...more chicken and dumplings (so good!).

I talked to the front desk person who let me talk to the boss of the maintenance guys and I told them that I REALLY wanted our living room back asap. He promised it would be done today...better be! My coworker, Micah, is a lawyer and has had many run-ins with slumlords and has vowed to help if they give us a hard time. Mold is really bad for you! Geesh.

Here's our bedroom with the carpet cut out. They fixed the wall and the floor was bumpy in that area. They moved our bed so it's sort of plopped in the middle of our room and all our furniture is pressed against the closet making it difficult to get dressed in the morning.

Here's our disorganized living room. We no longer have to get up to change the channel.

And here's the mold...yuck!


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