Family...isn't it about time?

Last week I took off Friday so we could go visit Albert's sister and her kids. We were going to have a tour of the capitol that morning since Albert has never seen it, but I woke up feeling really dizzy and threw up a couple times. We finally left around 3:30 after we ate all the crepes Albert made for breakfast, they were tasty, and I felt better.

We got to N. Carolina late that night and so we just hung out and talked for awhile. The next day we went to the mall and took some pictures while we were waiting in American Outfitters.

Albert and Maya (8)

Liam (16 mo)

Albert walking with his sister Marites, Maya, and Liam back to the car

We went home and ordered take out from Mi Casita then later we watched a movie and ate some of the chocolate cake from my birthday party last week. Liam has a ton of energy. He ran around and around for hours...I wish I had half of his energy. Maya cuddled on my lap as we watched tv. I'm excited to bring games next time we go down. They are such cute kids, it was fun to hang out with them and their mom.

On Sunday we left at about 10:30. Albert got up and made breakfast for everyone while I got stuff ready to leave...he's becoming quite the chef which is sooo nice. I remember when he was burning scrambled eggs and now look at him :D I don't mind cooking, but he enjoys it and is very meticulous about getting it just right.

Here are a few pics of Albert playing with Maya and Liam:

We spotted some cool historic planes in honor of the Airborne division there and so we took some pictures.

pucker up :*

Army strong

We didn't realize we weren't supposed to climb on them...oops!

If you'd like to see the rest of the pictures we took click here.

After our adventures in N. Carolina and a long drive home we ate pizza with our friends the Watsons. Mr. Watson and I served a mission together in Milano and this was our first time hanging out with he and his wife. They also invited two other couples that we were fortunate to meet. We had a good time eating and playing games and were very tired by the time we made it home.


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