Aqua Globes

I have two plants. One my old roommate gave me a house plant when I moved into my first real apartment in Sept. 2004. This plant has been a real trooper and has survived despite my many attempts to kill it. My other plant is a yellow calla lily plant that my sis-in-law gave me for my graduation in May this year. I have had a really hard time keeping this one alive and when I saw the commercials for Aqua Globes I really wanted to try it so for my birthday Albert bought me a 2 pack from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. I put plant #2 in a new pot and stuck an Aqua Globe in it and it has so far done pretty well. Generally calla lilies need a lot of direct sun light and we being on the 1st floor have lots of light, but none of it direct so I don't know if it'll ever have the pretty yellow flowers appear again while we're living here.

Here's my hearty house plant who is looking even greener with it's Aqua Globe:

Here's my green calla lily. It doesn't look like much, but I'm so excited that it's still alive -- Albert had given up on it.


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