Two month anniversary celebration

In honor of our 2 month anniversary we marked a couple more things off our list of stuff we'd like to see in DC and celebrated last night by cutting off a couple slices of the top of our wedding cake, which was still really tasty (we figured if we move we probably don't want to have to worry about dragging cake along with us so we'll just eat a little bit on our "anniversary" each month). We went to the International Spy Museum, which I have been wanting to see for the last 4 years, and we stopped in the Portrait Gallery. We spent some quality time in the Spy Museum as we went to both the museum and Operation Spy. The Operations Spy was pretty cool. You have your mission and you have to figure stuff out, running down allies and trying to stay out of the camera light. I enjoyed it. I liked how they had it set up. We were supposed to be in Khandar and they did a good job of making it look like a foreign country and trying to make it realistic. I always wanted to be a spy so I really liked seeing what it was like, even if it was just simulated.

After we were done at the Spy Museum we still had 40 minutes on the meter so we ran across the street to the Portrait Gallery...we literally ran because it was raining really hard and we didn't have an umbrella. We looked around and listened to a jazz band they had playing in the big open atrium area.

We took a few pictures with a donut looking piece of art.

When we were coming out of the Portrait Gallery we saw the most amazing lighting. The clouds were breaking after all the rain and the setting sun reflected beautifully on the pavement. I included a couple pictures of different editing. (I'm sort of obsessed with editing pictures these days. I found this new editing tool from my friend Dani's blog that I've been using called Picnik. It's free and you don't have to download anything so it's super convenient.)

I caught another picture of the sky on the bridge back to Virginia.

I took this one on Tuesday evening outside our apartment...we've had some really beautiful sunsets lately...or maybe I've just been paying more attention.


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