Megan's Farewell

On Friday evening while Albert was working I went to see off our friend Megan who is heading back to Tennessee. They had the farewell at Gravelly Point Park and it had just cooled off after a hot day and the sunset was beautiful with the Capitol in the background and planes flying right overhead. I snapped a few pictures to commemorate the event and also to practice my photography. I'm generally not very good at taking unposed pictures of people, but this time I tried not to be embarrassed of people noticing me taking pictures of them. While my true love is editing the pictures I do enjoy taking them occasionally. I mostly support Albert in being our photographer as he does a really good job.

Here's some of the pictures I took (and one of Megan and me). For all of the pics click here.

Me and Megan

Megan hugging her aunt

Here are some pics of the beautiful view of the airport and DC we enjoyed while we ate and chatted


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