Gettysburg and Amish Country

On Saturday Albert and I drove our little car up to Pennsylvania to see the famous Civil War battlefield and check out what the Amish are up to these days. We briefly looked around the museum at the Gettysburg National Military Park visitors' center. They recommend setting aside at least 90 minutes, but we didn't have that kind of time. The little bit we did see was pretty cool.

Confederate and Union uniforms

We then took part of the auto-tour where we saw the actual fields that were the battlefied and the Eternal Light Peace Memorial dedicated by Civil War Vets.

The pictures below were all taken at the Eternal Light Peace Memorial:

Before we headed out to see the Amish we stopped by the Gettysburg National Cemetery where we saw the Lincoln Address Memorial to commemorate the Gettysburg Address given November 19, 1863.

The little squares are numbered for what we believe are unknown soldier headstones.

After Gettysburg we drove another 90 minutes to Strasburg, PA and ate lunch at the creamery/bakery on the corner. It was pretty tastey. I had caramel coconut pecan and Albert had coconut icecream after our lunch of bread bowl soup (me) and bbq pulled pork sandwhich (Albert).

We then headed over to the Amish Village, which used to belong to the Amish and now is a tour where you can see how the Amish live. The tour was very educational. I learned that I didn't know that much about the Amish and now Albert is curious enough to think about getting a book about them...not me, I'm still obsessed with spies from when we went to the Spy Museum.

An Amish kitchen and bedroom. They have propane fueled fridges and airpressure mixers.

The dress with the white cover is a wedding dress. The women pin their dresses together with straight pins instead of sewing them.

Albert feeding the farm animals...even though he's not supposed to...

Albert is a little less enthusiastic about school than Tiffany :D

After we went to the Amish Village we went out stalking the Amish here are a few pictures of what we found driving around the outskirts of Strasburg following buggies full of tourists.

We had a great time and took tons of pics. To see the rest of them click here.


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