Cooking with Tiffany & Albert

Like last week when Albert made old-fashioned chicken and dumplings from a recipe off of Martha Stewart (it's really good btw, a little different than what my great-grandma used to make, but it has a really nice flavor), Tuesday he announced that he wanted to make a meal he had seen on Rachel Ray. We picked up the many ingredients at the grocery store after I got off of work. It was by far the most expensive meal we had ever made and we were a little nervous about ruining it. The meat itself was $12 for two steaks plus we had to buy Gorgonzola and a bunch of fresh herbs and tomatoes for our Tenderloin Steaks with Gorgonzola and Herbs and Roasted Garlic and Grape Tomato Pasta with Basil and Arugula.

It wasn't my favorite meal, but it was pretty good. I liked how we roasted the tomatoes and garlic and then mashed them with our new potato masher. I had never made my own roasted tomato sauce and will definitely be doing it again in the future as it was much easier than it seems. I didn't really like the made it a little too salady for me and the Gorgonzola was a bit strong, but tasted ok, we're thinking maybe using feta or some other cheese next time. We did learn how to cook steak (we cooked ours for much longer as we like it a little more well done) so that was also a plus. We got a panini grill for our wedding and it has been great for grilling all sorts of things. I love the grill marks it left in the steak and in the numerous hamburgers and hot dogs we've cooked on there...much cooler than a frying pan.

Here are the pictures we took of our lovely meal:

Going over the recipe in my cute apon

My food, I got out our goblets for the occasion

Albert's food
...presentation is fabulous and the food tasty.


Dani said…
You too are so cute.

I love the lighting in your place. It looks like you have so many windows.

If you hadn't have mentioned that was an apron, I would have though it was part of your outfit.

And... I just noticed you had flight of the conchords in your music player. Have you seen the show? I just rented the entire first season and it was awesome. I'm now an official fan. I can't decide which guy I like better - but they're hilarious. I can't wait to get the next disc from Netflix.
Dani said…
too = two (duh! my brain is slowly disposing of grammar and other important things to make way for stupid things like commerical paper and restrictive endorsements).
Thanks :D Yeah we love Flight of the Conchords. It's too too funny. I guess that they came to DC, but we didn't hear about it until all the tickets were sold out :( That would have been sooo cool! Good luck with your exam!

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