Day before Friday the 13th

Today is yet another boring day at work. Albert worked nights all weekend and yesterday and today so I've been watching a lot of tv and editing all our wedding pictures we've gotten from people. Now when I see marks on peoples' faces in real life I have a strong desire to edit them.

Albert bought a new tv with his economic stimulus money. It's pretty nice. For whatever reason, perhaps it's my double x chromosome, I can't really tell the difference between a nice tv and and decent tv. I can see one is bigger and has a slightly better picture, but I never think about it when I'm watching tv. For Albert, however, having a nice tv is a top priority and all the guys at his work are jealous and are trying to talk their wives into letting them buy a new tv. I guess he got a pretty good deal for it.
My coworker, Micah, who I hang out with was in Vietnam doing a rotation for work for a few months (thus he wasn't at the wedding, which he told me multiple times he felt very bad about). A couple weeks ago he was run over by 3 guys on a motorcycle and was life flighted to Thailand -- apparently they have really great hospitals there. He had to have brain surgery and they put 4 or 5 metal plates in his head. It was pretty scary. I had just gotten home from Las Vegas a couple days before and I had actually chatted with him on-line not long before his accident. He finally got to go home and arrived in San Diego yesterday. I spoke with him this morning and he is doing pretty well. He doesn't seem sick over the phone and he is anxious to come back to work, but that probably won't be for another month. He wants to telecommute asap, but I told him he should take advantage of this time that no one expects him to do anything. It will be nice to have him back in the office. I had two friends in the office, him and a girl named India, but she moved to Philly at the beginning of May and Micah's been gone for a few months now.

It's so boring around here and I've missed our conversations. Micah's someone I can banter with, he's Jewish (not very religious) and a democrat so we mostly talk about two of the "forbidden" topics namely religion and politics. He used to come over and hang out with Albert and I occasionally, he even came over on Christmas Eve and had dinner with us and the missionaries. He loves Costco and since I used to live by Costco he would try and talk me into going. I'm not much of a fan of Costco because I always end up spending $100 and walk out with 5 things. Sure I won't run out of those things for months, but I like to have more to show for my money than Craisins and Advil.

Tonight I'm going to a church activity for women called Enrichment. We're decorating cupcakes so I made about 30 last night in my new KitchenAid, which worked fabulously. I told Albert he could take some to work after I realized the recipe made that many. In retrospect I should have halved the recipe. They are peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes, but they taste mostly like pb. They're ok, something different I guess. I think they would be tasty with chocolate frosting.

We're going to NYC tomorrow on the bus. Albert hasn't been since he was a kid and I haven't been since the fall or winter, I remember it being cold. Albert has been wanting to go for like a year now so we're finally going. We're going to stay at my friend Jacquelyn's apt and she'll stay with her bf. We have a bunch of things planned. Albert said he wanted to do everything so I'm trying to get as much in as possible. We're going downtown on Saturday morning (see Statue of Liberty, Wall St., and ground zero) and then spend a couple hours in Chinatown/Little Italy. Then Jacquelyn and Ed have a surprise we have to go to in the afternoon. In the evening our plan is to go to a Broadway show. We're going to go to a booth where they sell discount tickets in the morning and see what we can go to. On Sunday we're going to go to church for an hour and then go to the Met and Central Park before our bus leaves at 1 PM. Should be fun.

Jacquelyn and I are planning on hanging out in a couple weeks when we're in Wyoming for our 10 yr high school reunion. Maybe going to the nearby lake or something...reminisce old times :D I wonder who will come. I finally bought my tickets last week and paid for my meal ticket. I'm trying to decide what outfits to wear. Makes me want to watch "Romy & Michele" again.


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